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Electrophoresis equipment
Development of a laboratory benchtop instrument for a Cambridge, MA based biotechnology firm. 
This application uses electrophoresis to separate gel protein samples in preparation for DNA testing.
Services included: Complete electrical circuit and system design.
Circuit design included: HV programmable p.s. (1500v), two PIC uC, a/d, d/a, pwm motor speed control, I2C ser comm, USB interface to PC, precision temp control. Support in FW, SW, and pcb layout.
Complete documentation package to enable testing and manufacturing.
“Smart” windshield-wiper controller 
Developed proprietary motor control for Caterpillar ( 
Circuit design included PIC uC, ProFET TM (Infineon), motor locked-rotor and overcurrent detection.  
Over 170,00 units have been produced and are being used in field.
Automotive ECU interface control
Designed a headlamp/windshield wiper system that interfaces to engine ECU for Gillig Bus Mfr (   
“Smart” motor reversing circuit 
Designed a 1HP solid-state motor control used for a leading truck tarp manufacturer 
Solid-State lawn mower control system 
Developed prototype for Neuton ( ) battery operated lawn mower.
Circuit includes controls for blade motor, variable speed self-propelled motor and user interface.