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We offer:

·   Confidentiality.  You retain all I.P. and patent rights

·   Very fast turnout (click on "Rapid Protoyping")

·   Services rendered at your facility or ours

·   Equipped laboratory, including test equipment

·  Small tasks (hours) to large projects (months) accommodated


System Design / Project Engineering
   ··   General design of total systems
  · ·    Concept Designs
   ·     Review of Requirements and creation of product/design specifications
   ·     Project Planning:  Scheduling, Phase Reviews (Concept, Preliminary, Detailed
            and Verification/Validation)
   ·     Conduct Design Reviews
   ·     Will adhere to your internal procedures/processes (ISO9000 if applicable)
   ·     Prototypes:  Preliminary Documentation, Procurement of all parts, Assembly, Testing
   ·     Transfer Design to Manufacturing:  Final Documentation, Outsourcing Support for
          Contract Manufacturers (Qualifying and Selecting)
   ·      Support for Regulatory Approval:  Review Applicable Standards, Liaison  to agencies - UL,
         CSA, FDA, Notified Bodies, and 3rd Party Testing Agencies  
Electrical/Electronics Engineering
   ·  Electrical System Design
   ·     Analog Design
   ·     Digital Design
   ·     Embedded Microprocessor Design
  ·    Power Design (high voltage, high current) 
   ·     Electrical Design Reviews  
Along with my affiliate partners, I can also provide the following services:       
   ·  Complex PCB  layout design
   ·     PCB fabrication
   ·     PCB assembly (prototype runs and production quantities)
   ·     Complete product assembly (prototype runs and production quantities)
   ·     Software and Firmware (for embedded real-time applications)
   ·     Technical publications (reports, brochures, manuals)